Hindu School Follows, IMAX Curriculum for grades NU-9. IMAX follows a proven experiential learning method where concepts are introduced through hands on experimentation followed by questioning, application and feedback. This replaces the one step “telling” and “memorization” followed in traditional classrooms. Know more at

Students in Hindu, therefore grasp core concepts better, communicate fluently in English, and perform better on reasoning and application based tests. Guaranteed!

CEP- Conversational English Program

We go to great lengths to ensure that all children are well equipped to face the challenges the future holds: the rapidly changing employment patterns and the global environmental, economic and social crises ahead of us emphasize the need to equip children with the necessary employable skills. We follow a comprehensive Conversational English Program that aims to make English as the primary language of conversation in the school. We create a right physical atmosphere in the school, conduct professional development programs for the teachers and train them to ensure they provide enough opportunities for children to converse about their learning in the classroom. This three pronged approach immensely helps children in speaking better, coherent and more meaningful sentences.

MAX program

We prepare students in Class 6- Class 10 for prestigious competitive examinations through rigorous concept and practice sessions. They will be prepared to face national level examinations like NTSE, IMO as well as JEE and Medical Entrance. Through curriculum support from reputed organizations like EdVie and a carefully planned comprehensive curriculum designed under the personal supervision of IIT/IIM graduates ensures that Hinduites always stay a step ahead of the competition.